Web Design

So it appears you are looking for a brand new website. Let’s go over the basics of what you must have and what kind of costs are associated with each item.

#1 – Domain Name. www.yourname.com This is a yearly fee. We can do this for you. ($10-25 per year depending on registrar)

#2 – Domain Host. A host is a company that provides you with space and bandwidth on their servers for your web pages and/or applications that are connected to the internet at all times. A host can also provide you with custom email addresses and email solutions. (Pricing will vary depending on need, but most of our hosting clients are in the $10-30 per month range)

#3 – You will need to have a website designed to your specific needs. This is usually a one time fee. Ongoing updates can be done on a per project basis or on a monthly fee scheduled with the designer. (This will depend on the scope of the project. We have done websites as low as $200 ranging all the way to our largest project to date being over $150,000. Quite a contrast I know. Most small business websites without eCommerce or dbase integration run in the $750-$3500 price range.)

#4 – SEO – Search Engine Optimization. This entails the art of “trying” to get your website in a top position on the major search engines. There are several ways to accomplish this task. With ad placement programs and keyword purchases along with well coded webpages you can reach a favorable position in search engine rankings.  This is a business unto itself and should be budgeted just as you would your advertising/marketing. (Price can vary greatly on this service. We can direct you to a few reputable companies that can help.)

#5 – Social Media. You may find it helpful to engage in social media. This can be time consuming, but could be very necessary for your business.  Labor costs for time and advertising purchases are the expenses incurred with a social media outreach program.

#6 – E-commerce. If you plan to sell your wares online or offer digital downloads of media products, we will need to discuss things such as a merchant account or other ways (paypal) to accept online payments. There are many facets to E-Commerce such as tying in your inventory to your online store. We can discuss this further should you require a storefront. (Costs here consist of software for processing credit cards (monthly fees can be associated as well as a transaction charge and % of sale), SSL Certificate (yearly fee), programming labor for setup. Varies on complexity)

#7 – Mobile Apps. Some businesses can benefit from an android or iOS application for users smart phones and tablets. While we do not create these apps in house, we do work with a company that does this type of programming. We have successfully managed several mobile app projects and are extremely capable of acting as your project manager. (price varies on degree and scope of work. I have seen this range from $500-50,000).

#8 – There could be many other items beneficial to your business that have not been discussed in the previous points such as bill payment, invoice generation, data disbursement, field reporting and many more advanced business functions that will require conversation to best dissect the future direction of your company. (Price would depend on scope of project.)

The next step is to reach out and let us know you are interested in starting a dialog about your online needs. You can do that by contacting us. Once we discuss your project, we will prepare a statement of work which will outline exactly what we will be doing, what information we will need from you, a time frame for completion and of course, a price. Any changes  made to the statement of work after the project has been signed may affect pricing and will be discussed and signed off on prior to implementation.